We understand the importance of the critical window to ensure that children learn and thrive is the first 35 weeks

Learning Goals

At DOON TODDLERS Nursery is much more than a simple place of care for the children, proves to be a place of reception adapting to the psychomotor needs of the child, through multiple educational actions. Areas of learning and development to strengthen the child’s brain cells and develop holistically.

Goal of a Unique Learner

DOON TODDLERS the educational project revolves around 6 fundamental axes:

Explore and Grow

We facilitate the creativity of children through learning and exploring activities, emphasizing quality education thus allowing them to flourish harmoniously in a setting where cultural diversity is advocated.

Our belief in uniqueness

We respect the rhythm of every learner, singularity, and individuality so as not to hinder the child development process. We offer them a benevolent awakening framework allowing them to develop their curiosity and pleasure of discovery.

Autonomy and Self resilient

We support the self-confidence of the children, by offering them a safe motricity area while taking into consideration their psychomotor development, and being the actors of their inner development.


We offer them activities where they can collaborate with their peers and facilitators, we promote socialisation which fosters empathy and improves language skills. Our wish is to make them aware of the idea of respecting the rule of taking turns and developing new friendships.

Life Skills

As a parent we all want our learners to grow up to be confident and well-rounded individuals. DOON TODDLERS helps the little learners to navigate everyday life, be independent, communicate well, and learn to solve problems by creating opportunities for them to practice and grow, modelling good behaviour, and engaging in open communication.

Financial Literacy

Is it too early to introduce financial literacy in kindergarten? Think again! Just like learning to tie your shoelaces, simple skills acquired at a young age tend to stick with us and prove valuable throughout our lives.

Consider these statistics that underscore the urgent need for children’s financial literacy programs. However, if you need further convincing, here are four compelling reasons why your child should start learning financial literacy today:

1. Money is Ubiquitous
2. Teaching Financial Skills Empowers Kids to Become Confident with Money as Adults
3. Proficiency in Money Management Can Alleviate Stress
4. Youthful Years are Pivotal for Making Crucial Financial Choices

Our Team of Facilitators

We have a fully qualified Facilitator team who are committed to delivering the best outcomes for children and families. Facilitators access regular training courses provided by Child Psychologist and Certified Trainers to support their professional development and help the setting keep up to date with best practices. To ensure that all children have sufficient individual care and attention, we provide a staffing ratio that meets or exceeds the Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements set out in the Early Years Stage by the government bodies.

The role of the facilitator moves from a communicator of knowledge to an auditor, provocateur, documenter, and speaker of meaning.

Our facilitators reassure our children:

Our facilitators play a very vital role in fulfilling our vision and mission and making sure our commitment to the parent community is accomplished.