Learning Centres

Creative Art Area

Setting an art learning area serves as a creative outlet for children to help express their emotions and ideas. At this time children experience different textures and use different materials as they create their works of art. Fine motor skill development and improved hand-eye coordination are other ways an art learning area will benefit the children in your care.

Music and Movement Area

Including a music and movement area in your preschool classroom encourages children to be physically active and gives them opportunities to experiment with sound and music. A music and movement area can also promote self-expression, foster creativity, and help children relax. Movement props aid creative expression and offer additional fun activities for children in the learning area.

Literacy Area

A literacy area is a must-have in any kindergarten. Having a quiet area to practice their reading and writing skills will help children express their ideas, and explore individual interests in narrating stories. Show and tell becomes their favorite activity and an integral part of pedagogy and is essential for the child’s social, cultural, and educational development.

Motricity Area

From an early age, the concentration of the learner is solicited for the child’s intellectual, sensory, and bodily development. From a young age, children discover and identify their limits and become more independent in their motor skills. Doon Toddlers provides a safe and secure space for all physical activities which include objects like balls, rings, skittles, hoops, etc.

Dramatics and Role Play Area

Including a dramatic play, learning space will give children opportunities to role-play as adults in everyday situations and a variety of careers. Dramatic play encourages creativity, self-expression, and knowledge of the community. It is a good space to prepare children to participate in future drama and stage shows.

Soft Play Area

At Doon Toddlers a soft play area is an integral part of a toddler’s development, It is designed and made up of soft, cushioned materials such as foam, rubber, or fabric having slides, tunnels, ball pits, climbing frames, and other interactive features that allow children to climb, jump, crawl, and play in a safe and secure environment. Playing in the soft play area has fundamental cognitive benefits. Soft play helps children develop their motor skills such as hand-eye coordination whilst in a safe environment to practice and develop their skills. The soft play environment will stimulate brain function and development and can help enhance children’s sensory processing abilities, which can improve their focus and attention.

Nature and Science Area

Our special enhancement space for exploring the world helps the little learners understand science concepts and enables them to make informed decisions about scientifically-based personal and societal issues. Discovery and nature are ever-changing experience it is also defined as the observation activity, experiment, and measurement of the nature and behavior of the material and physical universe.

How do we assess the progress of a child?

  • We implement the planning and assessment cycle termly for each child. We assess how young children are learning and developing by observing them frequently.
  • We understand each child is unique, focus on individual age-appropriate milestones are documented.
  • We use information that we gain from observations, photographs, or videos.
  • Each term you will be given a COR (Child Observation Report).
  • Our practitioners use anecdote records to support their assessment.
  • We make a note of each child’s interests and areas for development.

What can you expect?

  • Quality and consistency so that every child makes good progress and no child gets left behind.
  • Learning and development opportunities that are planned around the needs and interests of each child.
  • Partnership working between the key person and parents
  • Equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice, ensuring that every child is fully included and supported.
  • Supporting and elaborating the child’s personality.
  • 360-degree development-induced games and fun play.
  • Trained and competent facilitators attend to the learners.
  • A unique and trustworthy learning school for your child.
  • Take part in real-time lessons (Experiential learning) with their world-class teachers
  • Develop essential skills and nurture curiosity through independent learning and play
  • As parents, you will receive regular updates from your child’s teachers on their progress and achievements.L