Our Smart Features

Safety, Security and Transparency

We provide a secure reception area with a thoughtful layout to ensure the physical and psycho-emotional safety of children, allowing them to explore the world and thrive in optimal conditions. Our Visitor Management System (VMS) helps maintain the safety of children, ensuring minimal incidents on the premises. The attendance management system for staff and children is implemented with a focus on safety and transparency with parents. A Visitor Management System (VMS) is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and enhance the visitor check-in process, security, and overall visitor experience in various facilities. It typically includes visitor registration, identification verification, and host notifications. VMSs may integrate with access control systems, maintain detailed visitor records, issue security alerts, and provide analytics for informed decision-making. Doon Toddlers utilizes a VMS to track visitors, enhancing security and compliance measures.

Parent Connect - Transparent Parent Partnership

Our daily reporting and communication are conducted effectively, fostering an environment where children begin to feel respected, heard, and understood by their parents, thus boosting their self-esteem. Our counselors and facilitators are active listeners, collaborating to comprehend the needs of both parents and children. At Doon Toddlers, our ethos emphasizes the importance of family. We highly value our close relationships with parents, ensuring a true partnership where parents feel fully informed and involved in their children’s learning

Curriculum designed by well-established curriculum providers and child Counsellor

The curriculum at Doon Toddlers is designed by well-established curriculum providers and a child counselor. The design and implementation of the curriculum are research-based, considering the diverse needs and abilities of little learners, including their cultural backgrounds, learning styles, and individual interests. This ensures that learning is accessible, relevant, and engaging for all students, aligning with global educational standards. Our meticulously crafted curriculum empowers facilitators to nurture young minds.

Continuous Growth

Continuous Growth: Stay at the forefront of educational innovation! Doon Toddlers offers ongoing teacher training, research-backed resources, and assessment tools to keep your child’s educational practices in tune with the latest developments in early childhood education.