Why Doon Toddlers?

Why Doon


At Doon Toddlers, we cultivate an environment for enjoyable learning experiences, fostering children’s growth through discoveries and critical thinking. We aim to uncover your child’s intrinsic potential and help them shine.

Collaborative Learning and Values

Doon Toddlers welcomes young learners to engage in a distinctive, collaborative, and creative learning experience, fostering strong bonds among peers. Our teachers and staff are trained to nurture a cosmopolitan environment, enabling students to grasp profound values and develop crucial skills such as decision-making, confidence, and craftsmanship. We believe that activities and play are fundamental building blocks in a child’s development and psychology. Therefore, we have endeavoured to design a curriculum that maintains a harmonious balance between the two.

A rich and varied offer of activities

We provide a program that recognizes the uniqueness of every learner, respecting their individual development while inspiring imagination and creativity. At Doon Toddlers, each day brings a variety of experiences, including different spaces, music, sports, creative activities, and experiential learning. We appreciate the stages of development and guide each learner to discover their potential, awakening curiosity, creativity, and intelligence while respecting individuality. We ensure the cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional growth of each child. This commitment is key to achieving academic success.

A place for your child to grow and learn

At Doon Toddlers, we offer a warm, joyful, and nurturing environment for little learners to spend their most crucial formative years. We adhere to a curriculum compliant with the National Education Policy (NEP), National Curriculum Framework (NCF), Multiple Intelligence, and Life Skills. Little learners aged from 1 year to 6 years are welcome to join our family. Health and safety are top priorities at Doon Toddlers, and we assure you that your child is in the safest hands.